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Our ECDL training course is online and easy to use!

At ECDL Courses we have the full Foundation approved ECDL Training Course, our New ECDL 5.0 is the very latest ECDL (PC & Mac compatible) and is Online so is easy for you to train with as you can access your training anytime you wish from any computer in the world!
The ECDL certification is split into the below 7 modules. Completing these lead to the full ECDL qualification. If you wish to gain your ECDL Certificate, You will have to sit an exam. Testing centres are all around the UK and there should be one close to you. If you need to find one, just call us on 0871 222 8790. If you want to learn more than just the ECDL, why not visit for many more Computer Training Courses.

7 Course modules included in your ECDL training package:

Concepts of Information Technology Security for IT Users Part 1 3.0 hours
Using the Computer and Managing Files IT User Fundamentals Part 1 5.0 hours
Word Processing Word Processing Part 2 6.0 hours
Spreadsheets Spreadsheets Part 2 9.0 hours
Database Database Part 2 5.0 hours
Presentation Presentation Part 2 6.0 hours
Information and Communication Information and Communication Part 1 6.0 hours

New ECDL 5.0 (PC & Mac Compatible) Training for Microsoft Office 2003 & 2007

New ECDL 5.0 (PC & Mac Compatible)
Microsoft Office 2003 & 2007

Features and Benefits of our online ECDL Training:

ECDL Course Increase your computer competency and literacy, leading to increased prospects
ECDL Course Able to get certified in an industry recognised qualification - ECDL certification
ECDL Course Gain credibility and respect in workplaces
ECDL Course Increase your productivity and efficiency at home & work
ECDL Course Reduce time wasted on solving computer related issues
ECDL Course Potentially find work from local offices
ECDL Course No qualification or background in IT required
ECDL Course Keeping your technical knowledge up to date
ECDL Course Live tutor support throughout your entire training
ECDL Course Interactive courses and simulations
ECDL Course Automatic updates and upgrades
ECDL Course Study anywhere and anytime in the world with a PC and internet connection
ECDL Course Unlimited access for 12 months
ECDL Course Gain knowledge of essential office programs - Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook

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